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Babblings of a Bunny

I talk too much and don't update enough

Usagi Ojimbo
30 March
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(this is all copied and pasted from my msn profile...for more info go to my website)

I enjoy being myself (a dork). I dont have really a specific style. My style is what happens when you take a punker, a goth, and a raver and throw them in a blender and puree while listening to hard rock music..yeah i guess that fits..
btw i'm Whitney

I like to sit at my computer (chatting and whatnot)...i like to play video games, watch movies and music is my passion in life and it always makes me happy...

Color: Pink and Black
Food: ANYTHING!!(i love food a lot)
Music: Mostly rockish stuff i dont label my music...
Object:Safety Pins(they have many uses)
Place: My room!(its the coolest)
Site: My site!
Weather:Rain(with no wind it feels good)